"I could not choose for someone better, Renate is not only a great artist, she is an artist who does her work with passion, with great perfection and from the heart; her own experience makes the whole process easier and thanks to it today I look in the mirror and I do not see that trace that screams at all echoes the word cancer. " CL

“Renate, I was so happy to have met you because after having my breast lift my areolae looked horrible and I could not look in the mirror. The trust for improving was lost. From meeting you and the allergy test, the answers to my questions, the color matching, your art work, the sterile room, the follow up.  I knew you cared and I am happy with my areolae.  Thank You Forever!”  Adelina

“After two augmentation surgeries, I was very conscious of my scars and felt insecured. I've been friends with Renate for several years and known of her artistic ability. Naturally, when she finished her tattoo training, I knew that I would be happy with her work. Her professionalism, attention to hygiene and compassion reassured me that I was not wrong in trusting her with this intimate and personal process. I had treatment in June 2016 and I am (still) very pleased with the result!”  Elba 

“Renate. I’m very happy with your work. I specially thank you for your enthousiasm you treated me with. Very difficult to find nowadays. Now I can look at myself in the mirror without feeling ashamed. Thank you so much. You are amazing <3.“ CS

"In 2014 at 50 years old  I was diagnosed with Triple negative breast cancer, my life was forever changed. I opted for a bi lateral mastectomy and also had 14 rounds of chemo. I won’t go into detail of how chemo affects your body and mind but I’m a fighter so by the grace of God I survived and went on with my “new normal”. 

I went for 5 years looking at those huge scars across my breast and just didn’t feel whole. 

My wonderful plastic surgeon introduced me to Renate and she changed my life! 
Not only is Renate a breast cancer survivor herself but she’s an awesome person inside and out!
She is very passionate about what she does as a tattoo artist for breast cancer survivors.
I was amazed at her dedication and precision to her craft and making sure I was involved every step of the way. She’s very caring and wants you to be happy with the end results!
I am extremely happy with a Renate’s tattoos! 
I feel good about myself again and am able to look at myself in the mirror and feel whole again! 
I highly highly recommend Renate she has immense talent, passion and 
I am forever grateful to her." VC