I am Renate, born in the Netherlands in 1970. I am married to a wonderful Dutch man and a proud mom of two sons. Two years after I met my husband, we moved to Barcelona, Spain, then Santiago, Dominican Republic, and now in Florida. I feel I have been very lucky to be able to explore new countries and cultures and to meet dear friends.

I grew up in a typical Dutch family with both my parents and my older sister, Nicole. My father worked as an accountant and was a hard worker and a good provider. My mother spent her time as a volunteer in our community. She was especially involved in the local school, church and sports clubs. She was always there for us and I am fortunate to look back at a happy and safe childhood.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw and paint. Along the way, I attended different art courses. Meanwhile, I had a full time office job and never thought of exploring my art interest. When we lived in Barcelona, I was able to dedicate more time to art. I began to restore antique furniture and lamps, and created a business in home decoration. Working closely with people and being creative with antique items was the beginning of Da Luz home decorations. Da Luz means “give light” / “give birth” in Spanish.

After living in Barcelona for almost ten years, we moved to the Dominican Republic. Continuing Da Luz in such a different culture was a challenge and so I started to dedicate more time to painting and making jewelry. 

In September 2013, all of this came to an abrupt halt. I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer. Like every woman (or man), I was in shock by this unexpected news, but I was determined to fight. Today, I feel so blessed that I am able to say I am a cancer survivor.

During my battle, I was confronted with a video of a Tattoo Artist providing breast cancer survivors with 3D nipples/areolae. I was very impressed with the possibility to help women and, of course, liked the artistic side. 

It feels like breast cancer gave me this beautiful goal in life. Helping people feel cured and thus whole again, while being creative feels to me like the perfect combination. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do, being a versatile artist.

Not only am I blessed to work on breast cancer survivors, I certainly am pleased to help other women feel whole again by correcting areolae after any breast surgery.

If any questions may arise while reading my website, please don’t hesitate to contact me by
email, I’ll be happy to clarify any of your doubts or questions.